Solid State Drives are Dirt Cheap Now

I’ve got a 960GB SSD arriving on Friday (April 5) and I’m selling it for $99 to the first customer who wants one… and yes, you’ll pay more at Amazon. I’ve also got some very good deals on 250 GB and 120GB solid state drives. Lately, I’ve been replacing a bunch of bad drives with the new super fast SSDs. It’s also a great time to upgrade. That way, you have a much faster computer and you can still copy the data from your old drive. Installation cost which includes reinstalling Windows and transferring the original data or cloning the old drive is just $95.00.

Sometimes it’s the Memory

If your laptop or computer is plagued with random crashes or open windows suddenly disappearing or the entire screen goes blank when you launch a new program, your computer could have a bad memory module. It’s easily fixable and the diagnosis is free.

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Sometimes, it’s the Capacitors

It’s possible that the old computer you’ve given up on just has some bad capacitors and there’s an easy way to tell. Just take a look at the image below and notice that the top of one of the cylinder shaped components is bulging slightly. That’s a bad capacitor and it’s replaceable. The capacitor below the coil is one that I just replaced. Notice that it’s flat on top.

You might also notice some capacitors that are leaning a bit or lifting off the motherboard. These are also potentially bad. If your computer screen is freezing or displaying weird graphics, you may have bad caps. Your computer might not even turn on. If you’d like to find out if your old computer is economically fixable, then bring it in for a free diagnosis. With some basic repairs and upgrades, your computer could be fixed and running better than ever.

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Windows 10 Doesn’t Have to be a Cluttered Mess

(Some examples of a cleaner and easier to use Windows 10)

Out of the box, Windows 10 is a mess. The user interface isn’t easier to use. It’s awkward and on top of that, the start menu is full of ads. The default speed is *slow* because so much useless stuff is turned on and much of it is spying on you. On top of the junk advertising that Microsoft adds to your new computer is the junk that the hardware manufacturers add to your computer. Yes, even a gaming computer has an install of Norton’s. Horrors!

(This is not what an operating system should look like!)

Fortunately, all of this can be fixed. If you’re disappointed with your new system, feel free to give us a call at 229-883-3996. We’ll be happy to speed up, customize and reconfigure your computer in a way that will make you feel comfortable using your computer again.

Digital Depot is open Monday through Saturday from 5PM to Midnight.