Do You Want Your Own Website?

If you own a business, it’s essential… and if you don’t, then you might just enjoy the freedom of running your own personal blog with the domain name of your choosing. At Digital Depot we’re always thrilled to get people like you started.

We’ve tried some of the advertised services like Wix, Squarespace, etc. The advertisements make it look like anyone (including fashion models) can design a professional site in minutes. From my experience, they’re all a little confining and awkward. I did actually once create a web site on Wix for a client. We had to do a simple redirect from in order to avoid extra fees. If you’re in Albany or Leesburg, try doing a google search for taxi service and you’ll notice that he gets top billing. It really helps your business to have a web site and work with Google to get good results. I don’t currently use Wix.

For those starting out, you may not want to pay a monthly fee for hosting. I’m currently using a free hosting service for my clients and it doesn’t cost anything to use your own domain for the site. At Digital Depot we can help take you all the way from obtaining your domain to operating your site. If you’d like to see a website we created recently just for fun, check out It’s running on a free hosting service that doesn’t even have ads (unlike the free Wix page we created).

Windows 10 Can be Astonishingly Good

Everyone can benefit from the Digital Depot professional clean and fix. If you’re already running a standard install of Windows 10, then you are not only missing many things that were included with Windows 7, but you have many essentially useless items both cluttering the system and using resources that slow your computer. For example, the telemetry that regularly sends system data to Microsoft will be removed. The ads for Candy Crush and Netflix will be eliminated and your original Windows 7 games will be restored. Ultimately, you will be left with an elegantly simple interface and a much faster system.

If you’re still running Windows 8 or Windows 7, then you’re still in luck, because we can back up all of your files and replace your outdated OS with the cleaner, faster and more elegant Windows 10 as described above… and it’s still just $95.

If your Windows 7, 8 or 10 is malware infected and non-functional, you’re still in luck. The total cost is still just $95. Fast solid state drives and other parts (If needed) are also available at very economical prices.

If any parts are required, they are available at economical prices.

Remember, a now cheap solid state drive can be 10 times faster than a conventional drive. Your classic 14 year old desktop may be upgradeable.

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