Things I Recovered From Crashed Drives

First of all, I would like to say that everyone should keep backups of all important files. There are too many ways pictures and other data can be lost on a hard drive. For example:

(1) dropping your notebook on the sidewalk while it is running (some drives sense falling and take measures, but don’t count on it) can destroy data

(2) cryptowall or cryptolocker infections can encrypt your data and hold it hostage for $700 or more

(3) your computer can be stolen

With that being said, here are  a couple of  images recently recovered from a drive  encrypted by Cryptowall:

(note: files were not decrypted, the unencrypted originals were simply undeleted)

101 600

Yes… things from the dimension of imagination – something we call the twilight zone… in the deleted files of your hard drive.