My Business Cards are Collectors Items

No kidding.


Perhaps the earliest icon of the Information Age was a simple punched card produced by IBM, commonly known as the “IBM card.” Measuring just 7- 3/8 inches by 3- 1/4 inches, the piece of smooth stock paper was unassuming, to be sure. But taken collectively, the IBM card held nearly all of the world’s known information for just under half a century—an impressive feat even by today’s measures. It rose to popularity during the Great Depression and quickly became a ubiquitous installment in the worlds of data processing and popular culture. What’s more, the punched card provided such a significant profit stream that it was instrumental to IBM’s rapid growth in the mid-twentieth century.

Did You know that you can Press PRNT-SCRN on any Windows Computer and…

It’s true. If you press PRNT-SCRN on any Windows computer, it copies the entire screen to the clipboard. After that, all you have to do is load Microsoft Paint and paste the clipboard to your file.