Game Systems

Several people have brought in computer parts that they purchased online in order to build a super nice game system. I encourage more people to do this. I’ve been building computers since the late 80s and I greatly enjoy it (for a nominal fee).


Turn Your Old Computer Into Something Amazing!

You might think your old Vista or XP laptop or desktop is hopelessly outdated, but now it can be both vintage and useful. While many of the newest laptops may appear thin and stylish, they may just be more expensive, flimsy and fragile. Your old computer, on the other hand…

The May 2019 Windows 10 Seasonal Update

The Windows 10 May 2019 update (formerly known as the April update) is here and it’s not bad. It is a little faster because they’ve improved the fix for the Spectre vulnerability. It has a “light” theme. The search function has improved in the way that it doesn’t search the internet when you just want to search your computer. It will also search the entire computer if you wish. It still has a cluttered start menu, but it is much less cluttered. This can be further refined. All in all, it’s not bad.

If you’re not running the 1903 version type winver in the search box and press [enter] or [return].

If you’re running version 1809 or earlier, you’re due for an update. If you’re running 1709 or earlier, it’s already reached end of service.

If you need any help with your Windows 10 updates, just give us a call at 229-883-3996. Digital Depot is open from 5PM to midnight every day but Sunday.

Solid State Drives are Dirt Cheap Now

I’ve got a 960GB SSD arriving on Friday (April 5) and I’m selling it for $99 to the first customer who wants one… and yes, you’ll pay more at Amazon. I’ve also got some very good deals on 250 GB and 120GB solid state drives. Lately, I’ve been replacing a bunch of bad drives with the new super fast SSDs. It’s also a great time to upgrade. That way, you have a much faster computer and you can still copy the data from your old drive. Installation cost which includes reinstalling Windows and transferring the original data or cloning the old drive is just $95.00.