Did a Repair Shop Tell You That It’s a Mainboard Problem?

If a repair shop tells you that your computer isn’t working because of a mainboard problem, it may not mean that the mainboard is irreparable. A mainboard replacement is usually considered to not be an economical option. In the past week, 2 people brought in laptops that would not begin to boot up when turned on. They were both beyond the simple hard reset and yet they were fixable without a mainboard swap. Maybe you have a laptop that you’ve given up on fixing. You may be surprised. It might just be fixable.

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Before and After

Sometimes you can get by for a long time with a tricky computer or a tire with a slow leak or a taped together pair of glasses…

but it feels great to finally get it fixed.

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Building Something New

I’ve had this new Apevia case in stock for many years and yesterday, I bought a new mainboard.

It’s a tiny mainboard and it’s also inexpensive. It’s got an integrated Intel quad core processor. It ships with Windows drivers, but I’m trying the new Clear Linux OS from Intel.

At this point, it’s installed and it’s looking like a very nice system. I’m currently running most of the business on Fedora and Mint. From what I’ve seen, Clear Linux may soon become a major distribution. Here’s some more info for those who are interested: