Keep your old Win 7 Computer! The Windows 10 Upgrade is Cheaper than you Think.

Microsoft is encouraging people to buy a new computer with Windows 10, but this is completely unnecessary. Here is what Microsoft says on their website.

And the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC. While it is possible to install Windows 10 on your older device, it is not recommended.

Please don’t take advice from Microsoft! Always call here (Digital Depot: 229-883-3996) first. You’ll go broke taking advice from Microsoft.

If you’re running Windows 7 or 8, we can upgrade it to Windows 10 here for just $95. This includes backing up all of your personal data, recovering activation codes for older versions of Office and other software from the registry, installing and activating Windows 10 with all of the drivers and updates and restoring your personal data. Your computer will run faster because all of the malware and bloatware will go away with the fresh install. We also avoid installing parts of Windows 10 that slow your system. An inexpensive solid-state drive will increase the speed of your old computer dramatically.

What does Microsoft want for just the software for Windows 10 Home: $139.00

for Windows 10 Professional: $199

If you have Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro, you can leave here with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro without the blinking ads for Candy Crush, Netflix, etc. for just $95. You also won’t have to contend with the manufacturer installed bloatware that you will always find on a new computer. Your computer will just work. Really, Norton Antivirus should only have one option – a big button that just says UNINSTALL.

Never throw away your Windows 7 or 8 computer! Call here first!

Digital Depot can be reached at 229-883-3996 24 hours a day. We are open at 104 East Century Road, Suite H in Leesburg from 5pm to midnight.

Bitcoin Accepted

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been around for a while. It’s not accepted everywhere, but it’s really not difficult to use. Making a payment is as easy as scanning a QR code with the bitcoin wallet on your phone, selecting an amount and then pressing the send button.

Artwork by Mario Sanchez Nevada

Admittedly, it takes some time and practice to learn the ropes. I’ve discovered that I can sell my bitcoin and transfer it to Paypal in just minutes and once the dollars are in Paypal, it takes less than a minute to transfer it to a bank account where you can receive actual cash via an ATM. So, from the merchant’s perspective, it’s usually faster than a VISA transaction. As far as the initial transaction goes, Dash (another crypto currency) has an edge on speed.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. What if your cryptocurrency wallet was stored on your iPhone and your iPhone was lost in a fire with no chance of recovering the data? Would your stored money be gone forever? Certainly, the money would be lost to you if your conventional wallet filled with cash were lost, but most crypto wallets are different. In most cases, you can just enter 12 special words into a new phone and recreate your crypto wallet. Your money is safe. Just don’t lose your 12 word backup phrase.

(Note: the above is only a sample. It doesn’t restore anything.)

If you’d like to learn more about using cryptocurrencies, feel free to call anytime. If you’re dropping by, we’re open Monday through Saturday between 5PM and midnight.

A typical cryptocurrency wallet. In dollar terms, the value will change during the day. This wallet has some Ripple, Ethereum, Chainlink and some leftover change in Tezos and Xem

Digital Depot can be reached at 229-883-3996 24 hours a day. We are open at 104 East Century Road, Suite H in Leesburg from 5pm to midnight.

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