The Wanna Cry Ransomware

Wnacry is the name of the ransomware that is currently infecting Windows computers worldwide. If you want to avoid it, I’d suggest following the advice in the above video. Backing up files is the priority. Depending on the amount of data you need to back up, I’d suggest either copying files to a USB flash drive or an external USB hard drive and then verify that the files have actually been copied. Make certain that you didn’t just copy the shortcuts to folders that contain your files (I’ve seen this happen).  Of course, you can disconnect your computer from the network (or internet connection) while you are copying files. Ideally, you should maintain at least 3 copies of your important files. For online storage of photos, I recommend Also, be sure to check out and Google Drive. Keep in mind that once your files are encrypted with the originals deleted and possibly overwritten, that your files will be practically impossible to recover without the decryption key… and you don’t want to pay the criminals.
P.S.: Talk to me about Linux.