Computer Repair

Flat rate computer repair covering all desktops and most notebooks: $95 labor + parts
Located on Highway 19 conveniently serving both Leesburg and Albany, Georgia

At Digital Depot, we specialize in computer repair at better than competitive rates. Our primary goal is to return a computer that works better that it did when it was new. If you think your old computer is unfixable or just too uneconomical to repair, you may want to reconsider. Sometimes an old computer can become a great computer with just a few repairs and upgrades. If you want to give your old computer to your nephew, we can completely wipe the data and re-install either the original Windows or the operating system of your preference. The price for this is still only $95 plus parts (if parts are even necessary).

We do more than just repair. If you have a 20 year old computer, we can do more than just recover the photographs and documents from the hard drive. We can put your old computer on your new computer so that all you have to do is click an icon and watch your original computer boot in a window on your new system. In other words, if your new Windows 8 computer is a terrible disappointment, you can watch your old Windows XP system boot in a window and go to full screen with another click and completely hide Windows 8. All of your original applications (pinball games, crossword puzzle creators, Microsoft Word and Excel and others) are still intact. You can even retain your original Autocad program that ran in MSDOS if you like.


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