Athlon II X2 270 system with bootable USB Flash Starter System

Athlon II X2 270 system with bootable USB Flash.

  This is a high performance computer that boots from a USB flash drive running Ubuntu Linux v12.04. It is a high quality, high performance system and yet it is inexpensive since it lacks a DVD writer or a hard drive (items that are available as upgrades).

System price – $260.00

PWI case w/ 420W power supply – $241.00
  Athlon II X2 270
  MSI 760 GM-P23 mainboard
  Kingston 4GB DDR3 memory

Kingston 8GB USB flash drive (19.00)


Bargain System – dual core w/ 2GB – $293.70

Prudent Way UT303B case w/ 550W power supply (199.70)
   ASUS P5QPL-AM mainboard
   Intel E5200 dual core
   Cooler Master XDream4 fan w/ heatsink
   WinXP Home
WD 80 GB IDE hard drive (20.00)
SONY Optiarc DVDRW (29.00)
2GB DDR2 RAM (45.00)