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With the best bargain in town for desktop or laptop computer repair and 29 years experience, you should always call us first at 229-883-3996.

Digital Depot
104 East Century Road
Suite H
Leesburg, GA 31763
(229) 883-3996

Located on Highway 19 conveniently serving both Leesburg and Albany, Georgia

Digital Depot Computer Repair and Virus Removal Leesburg and Albany GA

Hours: 9AM-3PM and 10PM to 5AM  Monday – Friday, Saturdays, 9AM to Noon and 10PM to 3AM

29 years in the computer repair business and still with the best prices


9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I was wondering if you have had any experience getting Windows 7 updates to run. I have a stack of them that fail everyday (finally turned off automatic updates) since March 2013. I’ve researched the web for solutions and nothing I’ve done works. Is this something you could assist me with?

    • Yes – this happens all the time. Rogue software often disables the Security Center, Windows Updates, Task Manager, command line access and a few other services. Call anytime – 229-883-3996.

  2. Great! I’ll definitely give you a call very soon! Or should I just bring it in? Would I need to bring in my Laptop with power supply? How long would you estimate it would take to resolve? I need to backup some of my files that I use daily (so I will have access to them) before I can bring it in and that may take me a day or two (due to schedule). I’m looking forward to getting this problem resolved! I’ve been trying on and off for a month now and nothing works for me (but I’m not an expert PC user either!)

  3. Hi, trying to get hold of someone to discuss ownership of the url. From what I can see it is maintained by Digital Depot. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

  4. Hi! It’s me again…she who has the hardest time keeping my pc running…this time it says I have to have a Windows installation disk and naturally, I don’t have one…you saved me, and my 20,000 pictures, last time…I’m hoping you can do it again…

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