As if the real Justice Department isn’t bad enough…

Fake Justice Department (or FBI) notice

As if the real Justice Department isn’t bad enough, now we have to worry about the fake one infecting our computers. Of course, the above notice is fake, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t panicked a few people the first time they saw it. Yes – at least one of my customers , Cedivar Brandagamba Philippe Vandiver Baggins III (name changed to protect the innocent), saw a notice similar to the above and was ready to jump off a bridge. So if you see the above notice, do not panic! It’s not from the Justice Department or the FBI and it’s no more real than President Obama’s birth certificate. In fact, it’s not even going to format your drive if you attempt to remove it. Admittedly, the first time a customer brought me one that claimed to have a mechanism for formatting the hard drive when the virus is removed, I did back up his entire system but it really defies logic for the perps to erase your drive since they can only scam you when you have a working operating system.

and look at the language on the fake notice! It’s insane!

The first violation may not entail the criminal liability if the payment of the fine in connection with the law of loyalty to the people, on 5 December 2012. In repeated violations of criminal responsibility is inevitable.

Nice – but it’s not quite English. I think it’s how a Russian thinks an American lawyer actually sounds.

It’s really just one more clue that you’re looking at something completely fake.

FOG servers

FOG is an open source computer imaging solution for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Linux. The software is actually free, but sadly, it takes time to properly configure. It’s finally working here and it’s quite useful even for a small computer repair shop.
It shines in an educational environment because of it’s multicasting feature. One computer (called a host) can be specially configured with all of the necessary software. It is next sysprepped and imaged to the FOG server. Once the image is there, it can be deployed via multicasting to dozens or even hundreds of computers in a matter of minutes. Yes, it’s a huge time saver for an IT department and a great money saver since a large portion of the IT staff can be fired once the system is fully operational. 🙂

Anyway,here are a few pics to illustrate.

The FOG server:

The dashboard:

The cool PXEboot menu: (yes, you can modify it to boot Linux via the network)

Automatically cloning a computer by simply plugging it into the network and turning it on:

If you’re interested in a backup solution for your business, just give me a call here at 229-883-3996.