Windows 10 Doesn’t Have to be a Cluttered Mess

(Some examples of a cleaner and easier to use Windows 10)

Out of the box, Windows 10 is a mess. The user interface isn’t easier to use. It’s awkward and on top of that, the start menu is full of ads. The default speed is *slow* because so much useless stuff is turned on and much of it is spying on you. On top of the junk advertising that Microsoft adds to your new computer is the junk that the hardware manufacturers add to your computer. Yes, even a gaming computer has an install of Norton’s. Horrors!

(This is not what an operating system should look like!)

Fortunately, all of this can be fixed. If you’re disappointed with your new system, feel free to give us a call at 229-883-3996. We’ll be happy to speed up, customize and reconfigure your computer in a way that will make you feel comfortable using your computer again.

Digital Depot is open Monday through Saturday from 5PM to Midnight.

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