Transform your old Laptop

There are many old laptops that are actually better than some new models. Some of the new ones lack a DVDRW, have a keyboard integrated into the palmrest (makes simple keyboard replacements very expensive), come with a cheap and slow processor, and have very thin and easily breakable screens. Your old laptop may be a real gem and you just don’t know it. Maybe the touchpad doesn’t work.


Touchpads can be replaced.


Keyboards can be replaced. Hard drives can be replaced with much faster solid state drives.

10 X Faster

Operating systems can also be upgraded or replaced.

Windows 10

Keep your old computer!

Digital Depot is open every day but Sunday from 6PM to midnight and can be reached at 229-883-3996 24 hours a day every day.

Power Jack Repairs

A broken power jack – a very common problem

Sometimes, I’ll see several damaged laptop power jacks just in one day. It’s a very common problem and fortunately, it’s usually an economically fixable one. The part is usually inexpensive and occasionally the part also includes the video, usb and RJ45 network interface.

Replacement daughterboard for a Dell laptop

So these things are fixable even when the laptop appears very damaged.

Often, a complete disassembly is required
A freshly installed power jack

So bring your old laptops… the repaired version may be better than many of the new ones available today.