What’s Inside a Hard Drive?


The shiny platters can actually function as mirrors. They are coated with a very thin layer of platinum worth about 10 cents per platter (so don’t buy them on eBay for the platinum content – they’re wind chimes). The magnets are super powerful and they can be used to retrieve metal objects from hard to reach places. The drive controller actually has gold in it — a pound of drive controllers can fetch about $90 for the gold. Some of the shiny round pieces might be useful for crafts.

Sometimes, It’s the Fan

A customer told me they had viruses on a notebook, but it appeared that the main problem was a fan that wasn’t spinning. The customer called back and I mentioned the bad fan. She asked if the virus could be spreading… because the desktop was now reporting a fan error.

It’s not always a virus, so don’t give up when the antivirus doesn’t fix the problem.

Impress the Neighbors with your Old Computer

It may look like an old outdated Windows XP computer. This particular Dell was shipped to the customer on March 5, 2005. It’s nearly 14 years old…

and yet it can be backed up and upgraded to a new OS with modern browsers that will work on current web sites.

So yes, a 14 year old computer isn’t really too old.

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