Recycle Your old Computer, Save a Cat

You might have some old desktops or laptops in a closet and they’re just taking up space. You could take them to the next recycling event in Albany to have them properly disposed, but they don’t offer to recover your old data…

At Digital Depot, we can recover your data for a reasonable fee and we can completely wipe your old hard drive to DOD standards. We can also recycle your old computer by refurbishing and reselling or even by recovering metals for reuse.

Since the owner of Digital Depot spends most of his money on cat food and veterinary bills, you might just be greatly improving the life of a cat as well as freeing up some much needed closet space.

Digital Depot is open between 5:30 PM and midnight Monday through Saturday and can be reached at 229-883-3996 24 hours a day.