Finding Live Events on Youtube and other sites

Earth Live From the ISS

These days, there are plenty of options for cord cutters. There’s Amazon Prime, hulu, Netflix, the many free services available on a Roku box like Youtube, Sky News Live, PBS, Crackle, Smithsonian, Fox News and many others. Sky News is completely live, but only the Fox News audio is live. Youtube, fortunately is very convenient because it’s available in many forms and thankfully it’s available on a regular computer browser as well. So, if you need some live news and you only have access to your regular desktop or notebook computer, here are some links that you may find useful:

Newsmax TV Live News

Sky News

France 24

i24 News Live (English) from Israel

Veetle – Entertainment

Veetle – Shows

Live Youtube Events #1

Live Youtube Events #2

Livestream News Network

Finding New Themes For your Windows 7, 8 or 10 Computer

If you’re bored with the default themes included with your Windows system, here’s a quick way to add some new ones.

1) First, think of a keyword that describes the theme you want. Let’s try ‘Hawaii.’

2) Right click your desktop screen, but click in a blank area and not on an icon.

3) Choose Personalize from the drop down menu.

4) Then click Get more themes online

5) Type your word into the grey box in the upper right and press [Enter].


6) Choose the item that is an actual theme. In this case it is the 3rd item from the top.


7) Click Download theme on the theme page that displays next.


8) Choose the option to open the theme and voilĂ !


You now have a new theme!