Data Backup

  At Digital Depot, we fix cracked notebook screens, upgrade computers (desktops and notebooks), remove malware, replace fans, repair mainboards and perform a great number of other computer repair related services. We can even recover data from corrupted partitions or partially failing drives ($200.00). Lately, we’ve even recovered files from systems compromised by ransomware. The ransomware either failed to overwrite the original unencrypted copies or we were able to obtain an unencrypted original file and recover the encryption key by comparing the original and encrypted copies. Unfortunately, data recovery isn’t always possible. Sometimes, the drive is too damaged or the ransomware hasn’t been cracked. Sometimes, it is beyond us and we can only recommend a 3rd party that often charges in excess of $700. The best way to protect data is to back everything up. Thumb drives are a great way to backup important data and I always recommend this as one option. Unfortunately, people often forget to make backups. So in addition to flash drives, I’d like to recommend an automatic backup plan called Nordic Backup. Plans starts for as low as $4.50 a month. Please check it out.

Nordic Backup - Secure Online Cloud Backup